Hi, I’m so glad you have found this site. Together we explore and delve into the depths of what I call the greatest drug in the world FLOW.

I’m Sam – or better yet a FLOWhacker – and hopefully you are too, but if you aren’t don’t worry. It’s my life mission to help connect and empower people around the world to access and harness this incredible power. Currently I do this by helping organisations, and business’ enrich the lives of their employee experience at work by helping them create optimal environments and situations to encourage flow. A FLOW like state that the more time that people are in FLOW the more happy they are at work and thus help employees maximise this state when it, improving staff turnover.

Flowhacker.net is powered by Flow Hacker Coaching and we are all about helping you tap into the zone (or a state of FLOW) in your everyday life.

My passion is enabling people just like you the ability to take control of your life harness this incredible power. It will immediately allow you to be present in any situation, accelerate your ability to create, do, evaluate, take action, make an impact and do something great. Flow Hacker Coaching does this by looking at your relationships and asking you questions about what works and what doesn’t, we will work with you with trailed and tested methods and productivity hacks to that will aid you to tap into FLOW like states no matter what you are doing.

Flow Hacking Coaching is a mind-set and productivity consultancy service that works with clients to help them enable this ability. We achieve this by understanding your why and introducing you into ways of which we can streamline your way of getting into a FLOW like state. We will work on creating conditioning tactic’s that result in habit to allow you positively reinforce your ability to tap into FLOW every day. This will help you achieve a greater happiness and wellbeing, allow you to developer deeper and more meaningful relationships with yourself, your friends, family, spouse, business associates and colleagues, your work.

Live in FLOW every day, love your life.

So what is FLOW?

FLOW is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s brain child; his studies in the space have been further explored by Steven Kotler in the RISE OF SUPERMAN and further still in his latest book STEALING FIRE… which I will constantly be referencing in these journals in this blog.

You can purchase copies of these books here:

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me to discuss and book a free session to find out how I can help you. sam@flowhacker.net

Still not convinced? Take a look at the Kotler’s and Wheal’ site about the flow genome project. Click here